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Three Tips for Building a Great Workplace

Marcus Erb is a senior consultant at The Great Place to Work Institute, a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organizations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures.

Marcus hosts a video where he explains that The Great Place to Work Institute recently asked leaders at this years top small and medium companies what advice they would give entrepreneurs who are seeking to build a great workplace, and they consistently gave these three top responses:

1) Practice Humility

The leaders of the best workplaces frequently suggest remembering to be unselfish, treat employees as colleagues and remember that they actually have lives outside of work. Essentially, turn the management structure upside-down, and see your role as a support for the talent and aspirations of your employees, not the reverse.

2) Hire the best talent you can find

Hire people that are smarter than yourself, and people that you know customers will love. Doing this will make your time at work easier and more pleasant, surrounded by smart, like-minded people.

3) Preach and practice a clear vision

All the great workplaces have a clear vision and a strong set of values – if you look at the best workplaces, all have inspired a sense of purpose that becomes a rallying cry that creates passion. These visions and values guide decisions in good and challenging times, establishing the conduct that is expected of all employees.

Hopefully, these tips can inspire you to make improvements in your workplace.

Visit entrepreneur.com for the video.



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