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Introducing Wellness Wednesday

Tomorrow, Loszach Report is officially launching Wellness Wednesday #WellnessWED!

Dear friends, partners, clients and wellness readers,

Since our inception, Loszach Report has always been an active company on social networks. On Twitter for example, we have been diffusing and sharing interesting and relevant content related to corporate wellness for over a year now. Several months ago, we decided to start writing a blog devoted entirely to innovations in management and employee health and wellness.

Our ongoing effort to remain at the forefront of HR innovation and continuously improve communication with our partners has led us to create a new weekly event on Twitter that we are calling Wellness Wednesday, identified by the hashtag #WellnessWED.

As you probably know, Twitter hashtags, denoted by the symbol #, are a way to categorize your communications, or Tweets. As a Twitter user, you can use the hashtags to include your Tweet in a given category, which helps people find your contribution more easily. When you click on a hashtag, you can see a list of all the Tweets that reference that hashtag. If a given hashtag becomes very popular it can become a Trending Topic on Twitter.

We hope that Wellness Wednesday will become a platform for discussion and exchanges between professionals in corporate wellness as well as human resources managers seeking to improve the performance of their workforce. All can gather around a common hashtag, which will allow everyone to easily follow the flow of the conversation.

We hope you join us in the conversation!




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