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Workers who sit all day need a health wakeup call

People with desk jobs are in trouble. A recent Gallup poll found that 86 percent of American workers are overweight or have at least one chronic health condition. That means only one in seven U.S. workers is of normal weight and without a chronic health condition

And the news gets worse. Even people who sit down all day but go straight to the gym for an intense 45-minute workout are still at higher risk for cardiovascular disease than those who are active throughout the day.

In the Gallup poll, unhealthy workers account for $153 billion in lost productivity. Unhealthy workers take more sick days. Even when they are at work, they may be less productive because of poor health and well-being.

Get active at work! Walk to your colleagues desk vs sending an email, take the stairs, walk to the further bathroom, stretch or just take a short walk around the office.

Read the full article by Andrew Doughman.



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