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Wellness Wednesday Recap

Yesterday marked our first Wellness Wednesday, and we think it was quite a success!

All day long, our team at Loszach Report tweeted like crazy, sharing articles and statistics about wellness that can help anyone interested in creating a return on investment from a corporate wellness program. We also created a few new posts for this blog, and it was a great pleasure to see that people were interested in the topics we shared. We had a lot of new followers join us on Twitter, and we had quite a few people sending out tweets with our #WellnessWED hashtag. The best part about yesterday? It was only the first Wellness Wednesday!

As usual, our blog and twitter account will continue to be a resource for relevant content throughout the week, but you can be sure that next Wednesday we will step it up once more and try to expand on what we did yesterday. The all-important thing is that we get other people to take part in Wellness Wednesday along with us. If other companies and individuals working in corporate wellness start using the hashtag every Wednesday, we can create a veritable movement. Eventually we hope to have human resources managers, employees of companies with wellness programs and even top HR executives involved in the conversation. When employers start discussing the concept of Wellness Wednesdays in their workplaces, we will know that we’ve accomplished something!

So please join us! Put aside some relevant articles and links that you’d like to share and save them to tweet on Wednesday with the hashtag #WellnessWED. We will be sure to retweet the best ones, and we can even devote space on this blog to help promote you!

All in all, the first Wellness Wednesday was a lot of fun, but this is only the beginning!




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