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Montreal Therapy Center

At Loszach Report, we are partnered with many fantastic companies working in the corporate wellness industry, and we want to spread the word about them!

We are conducting regular interviews with the leaders of our partner companies to spread the word about the interesting services they provide, and find out what has inspired them to do what they do. We can all benefit from learning about the great services available for companies investing in corporate wellness.

This week we interviewed Rebecca Murray, founder and owner of Montreal Therapy Center:

1. Can you please tell me about yourself? What inspired you to work in the therapy field? How long have you been open / working in your field?

My name is Rebecca Murray. I am the founder and director of the Montreal Therapy Centre. I am trained as both an art therapist and a marital and family therapist.

While studying fine arts at Concordia University, I learned of the graduate program in art therapy. I immediately felt that this would be the perfect fit, combining my interests in art and creativity, with my desire to work with people. After completing my masters in 2001, I decided to pursue further specialization in the field of marital and family therapy.

2. What is it exactly that Montreal Therapy Center does?

The Montreal Therapy Centre was founded in 2003 to provide high-quality psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families at affordable rates.

At the Montreal Therapy Centre, we believe that difficult life situations can provide a unique opportunity for personal growth and change. We view therapy as an experience through which you can build on existing strengths, develop new tools for approaching old problems in a new way, and learn life-long skills that can keep you focused on achieving your goals.

We also believe that the conditions for self-exploration and change are created through a collaborative working relationship between you and your therapist. At the Montreal Therapy Centre, we assume all individuals, couples and families have the capacity for growth and transformation. Therefore, it is our aim to create an environment that allows our clients to identify and utilize their natural strengths.

3.What makes your service different and really stand out?

There are a number of features which make the Montreal Therapy Centre unique.  First, we have a very diverse team of therapists, able to serve our multi-cultural community. We currently offer therapy in eight languages including English, French, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, Arabic, Tamil and Farsi.

We also offer a wide range of services: individual, couple and family therapy, as well as art therapy, drama therapy and music therapy.  We have a number of therapists who are trained to work with children and adolescents.

Finally, we believe that it is important, particularly in this time of funding cuts to mental health services in the public sector, to ensure that affordable, professional psychotherapy services are accessible to those in need, thus we offer sliding-fee scale rates, scaled according to income, in order to make services available to the greatest number of people.

4. How can your service create positive change for business clients and their employees?

Businesses depend on their employess to succeed in a competitive marketplace. There are a number of factors that can impact on employees’ well-being and productivity in the work place, including individual issues such as anxiety and depression or relationship issues on the homefront.  When these issues are addressed and resolved, employees tend to be happier, more positive, and perform better at work.

Additionally, our marital and family therapists are trained to work with a variety of relationship and other interpersonal issues and therefore are well suited to address conflict and communication issues that may arise in the workplace.

5.    Why did you agree to partner with Loszach Report?

The Loszach Report focuses on employee well-being and has a holistic approach which has a tremendous benefit for both the individuals and the company as a whole.

6.       What advice would you give to HR people that manage wellness programs?

I would advise HR people to take the time to get to know and listen to employees in order to have a good understanding of their needs. In addition, I would advise that HR staff be familiar with a wide variety of resources in their communities and to be prepared to offer referrals when necessary.



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