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Nearly a quarter of workers around the world are depressed.

Nearly a quarter of workers around the world are depressed. This is a major problem. More disturbing facts :

  • Workers remain worried about losing their jobs. In 2011, employees scored 5.09 on a scale of 8 measuring their sense of job security; in 2010, they scored 5.04, and in 2009, they scored 5.2.
  • The work force is slightly less confident, with the report finding a 6% drop compared to 2009 data.
  • Workers are more distracted. A mere 5% of workers described their concentration as “rock solid,” according to the report.
  • Only 12 % of the global workforce feels optimistic.
  • Only 14% of workers find their leaders inspirational.
  • 92% of workers “responded that their emotions were in someway being controlled by the results they have been achieving at work” as opposed to more positive factors such as their own belief in self.

Thise report is based on a survey of 1,200 workers around the world created by RogenSi. The participants came from a variety of industries, but financial services (19%) and professional services (14%) were the largest groups. The survey reaches based on respondents identifying with five or more of the key adjectives laid out by the World Health Organization.

To read the rest of the article click here: It is written by Victoria Mcgrane

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