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6 ways to improve your benefits communication

The best way to communicate with your team is to take a personal approach that is flexible and creative.

Here are six ways to improve your communications

1. Know the audience
Take the time to learn about your employees’ life stages, attitudes, needs and preferences, and collect and track this information.

2. Get personal
Most communications are targeted to a mass audience; however, employees are more likely to act if the company personalizes documents, e-mails, etc.

3. Be creative
Experiment with virtual benefits fairs and training courses to allow employees to connect with benefits representatives and learn about options when it’s convenient for them.

4. Mind the channel
Not all employees prefer to receive information in the same way, so deliver information through a variety of channels (direct mail, e-mail, online, mobile, etc.).

5. Educate
Wellness programs are key to reducing healthcare costs for both employers and employees, while improving productivity and reducing absenteeism. These programs should be clearly communicated to employees, who may not be aware such resources exist.

6. Keep it simple and relevant
Simplify, provide relevant examples and incorporate individualized data to explain employees’ options.

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