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U.N.I. Training

At Loszach Report, we are partnered with many fantastic companies working in the corporate wellness industry, and we want to spread the word about them!

We are conducting regular interviews with the leaders of our partner companies to spread the word about the interesting services they provide, and find out what has inspired them to do what they do. We can all benefit from learning about the great services available for companies investing in corporate wellness.

This week we interviewed Chris Ince, owner of U.N.I. Training:

Chris Ince, from U.N.I. Training

1. Can you please tell me about yourself? What inspired you to open your own gym? How long have you been open / working in your field?

I got into fitness very early and when friends started asking me about it I realized I was now teaching them.  Then in CEGEP I had a professor who was a coach for a Paralympic athlete; a power lifter with no legs.  The stories of overcoming adversity, and being there for the ride seemed to apply to so many situations that it captivated me instantly and inspired me to get into this industry.  I started personal training at a gym while attending University.  I have been doing training since the age of 18.

I was the first trainer at U.N.I Training. I worked my way up to co-owner and 2 years ago took over as sole owner.  There is so much misinformation out there, I just want to actually help people achieve their goals and that starts by giving them exactly what THEY need and not what serves my purposes best.

2. What is it exactly that U.N.I. Training offers? 

We have a fantastic little gym where people can have memberships and we also have a team of personal trainers that can train you at home, office, or in our gym.

3. What makes your service different and really stand out?  

NOBODY has a team of trainers that is as experienced, diverse, and cohesive as our team. We have 7 trainers that have been doing this for 10 years or more. We have 5 trainers that have been with the company for 10 yrs.  Our diversity is also a huge factor:

  • We have a Chinese medicine practitioner on staff.
  • We have the person in charge of teaching all sports massage therapists in the city of Montreal.
  • We have a Kinesiologist who is certified in kinesio tape.
  • We have a C.H.E.K. certified trainer.
  • A CrossFit certified trainer.
  • Yoga and Pilates instructors.
  • A Professional dancer/choreographer.
  • Olympic weightlifter, an internationally experienced Rugby player, and soon we will have Osteopathy.

There is nowhere in the city, no company, no organization that can offer the range of services we do.  Because we all work as a team when you work with one trainer you’re really getting this team behind you.  We share knowledge and experience and are ready to help out each other when need be.

4. How can your service create positive change for business clients and their employees?  

Health trumps all.  You can have everything else, but if your health fails, you have nothing.  A healthier employee is more productive and alert; willing to go the extra step to make sure the job is done right.   Through fitness training an employee can learn how to deal with stress, motivate themselves and others and how to deal with adversity. Because of our wide range of services we can accommodate any company’s needs and budgets.

5. Why did you agree to partner with Loszach Report?  

They came to us with a great approach to showing companies the value of a wellness program. That’s always the hardest part. We hadn’t really met anyone who had anything that peaked our interest as much.

 6. What advice would you give to HR people that manage wellness programs?

Take the leap!  It’s so hard to get these programs going because it’s so hard to convince the people in charge that it is worth it.  It’s worth it!  Above all, each employee is different, with different goals and needs that require different attention. So offer a diverse program that everyone will be happy with.  Also, keep them accountable. We have some companies that pay for their employee’s memberships but the employee has to attend the gym a minimum amount in order to maintain that privilege.

Thanks to Chris! You can visit the site for U.N.I. Training right here

U.N.I Training Montreal - Personal Trainer Services | Fitness Training Instructor Services



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