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Train by Trina – Trina Lambe

At Loszach Report, we are partnered with many fantastic companies working in the corporate wellness industry, and we want to spread the word about them!

We conduct regular interviews with the leaders of our partner companies to spread the word about the interesting services they provide, and find out what has inspired them to do what they do. We can all benefit from learning about the great services available for companies investing in corporate wellness.

This week we interviewed Trina Lambe, owner of Train by Trina:

1. Can you please tell me about yourself? What led you to physical fitness and helping people improve their overall health? How long have you been open / working in your field?

Growing up in rural Ontario inspired a passion for physical activity exercise and I have always been involved in sports and exercise. I took up figure skating at age 3, and at a very young age entered the sport at a National level. Following my skating career my entrepreneurial spirit was ignited through my position at a start-up company as the President’s Assistant. In 2004 I found my new professional direction in the marriage of my two passions: fitness and business, culminating in the creation of the company I founded, own, and manage: Train by Trina. Originally an in-home Personal Training business I expanded my mission to reach teach and educate people on how to live a healthy lifestyle through activity. Train by Trina is now present in larger markets and working towards expanding nationally.

2. What is it exactly that Train by Trina does?

Train by Trina designs, manages and implements on-site exercise programs and gyms for corporations. TBT creates wellness plans that complement specific job functions, needs and environments, and we provide fitness services onsite.

3. What makes your service different and really stand out?

We design specific exercise programs for job functions using the available workspaces and creatively using the workplace to build-in fitness/wellness routines. The names of each program reflect the company culture. Our emphasis is on the relationships our trainers/instructors build and foster with the clients to encourage and motivate effective, continual growth and knowledge with respect to health and fitness.

4. How can your service create positive change for business clients and their employees?

Train by Trina creates that change within an organization through engagement. At 80% of our locations we have over 98% engagement. An engaged employee is a happy employee. Most of our business comes to us through referral.

5. Why did you agree to partner with Loszach Report?

Train by Trina focuses on the physical activity component to wellness programs; Loszach is an expert in identifying and benchmarking the comprehensive wellness needs of a company. A team approach would be very beneficial in this multi-faceted industry!!

6. What advice would you give to HR people that manage wellness programs?

Get specific! Wellness is a broad category that covers everything from high impact exercise/conditioning to basic physical activity to breathing/massage (and so much in between)! Figure out which aspects of wellness would best suit your office lifestyle and needs, then outsource.

Thank you Trina – You can visit Train by Trina right here!

Train by Trina

Check out a testimonial from one of Trina’s happy customers



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