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5 things you should know to support your employees’ quest for wellness

Check out Gail Peitzmeier’s five great suggestions to help support employees quest for wellness:

1. Recognize that wellness is an active, lifelong process.

Well-being is more than just good health; it’s a state of wellness of body, mind and soul, where all are in a state of health and the individual is happy and prospering. It’s a lifelong process of moving toward improving your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health.

2. Know the current state of the health of your work force.

Health care costs take an excruciating toll on American businesses and their employees. Chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease account for approximately 70 percent of health care costs. Healthy lifestyle initiatives that involve preventive health care, early detection of disease and personalized health coaching are proactive methods for reversing the trend of rising health care costs.

3. Establish a culture of wellness within your company.

A culture of wellness is established through senior leadership support, building an in-house wellness team, assessing needs, choosing programs that fit your company, identifying incentives/rewards, positive communication and continuously evaluating your efforts. On average, 65 percent of employees are low-risk, 25 percent are medium risk, and 15 percent are high-risk. The best solution for change is to reach people before they become high-risk.

4. How can I motivate my work force to embrace wellness and achieve sustained behavior change?

Present wellness in a positive light. Determine what incentives are meaningful to employees. Form a team to assist in developing a wellness program and strategy. Recognize that information alone is not enough for sustained behavior change; nor is just “hitting the gym.” Properly conducted health coaching elicits a person’s best thinking, resulting in positive decision-making toward lifestyle change.

5. Evaluate and refine your wellness program.

Are employees engaged? How many participate in wellness initiatives? Is sustained behavior change happening? Share success stories. But realize that people “fall off the wagon” of wellness throughout their lives. Help employees re-focus on themselves and what is important to them. They will appreciate your interest in their health, and you will appreciate their increased productivity.

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