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Coaching Breakthroughs – Guy Reichard

Guy Reichard

1. Can you please tell me about yourself? What led you to coaching? How long have you been open / working in your field?

I love helping people and I have always I loved connecting with people and having deep, real and meaningful conversations. I’ve loved that since I was a child. In my teens, I discovered Psychology and planned to become a psychologist one day. I have an undergrad degree in Psychology and through a series of my own deep and recurring depressions, and the aftermath of each, I became jaded and decided that working in such an emotionally charged field wouldn’t be good for me. Instead, I pursued another passion of mine, business and entrepreneurship. I got my MBA in 2000 and then opened a boutique business and marketing consulting firm.

Shortly after I opened my firm in 2001, I started a journey of self-discovery because I had lost a part of myself that I wanted back. While on that journey (which I’m still on), I remembered who I really was and I felt a calling to help people on their personal journeys of discovery. I ignored the calling for several years and kept growing my consulting business – and evolving together with it, until one day the calling was so strong that I listened and took action. I enrolled in a coach training program and have been coaching professionally since 2009 and I am now an ICF certified coach.

2. What is it exactly that Coaching Breakthroughs does?

Through coaching, I help people (generally but not limited to professionals, executives, business owners) achieve personal and professional breakthroughs. What that means is I help people break through the limitations and barriers holding them back from personal happiness and fulfillment in life and work.

Sometimes that means a career transition – to answer a deeper calling and serve a more fulfilling purpose. Sometimes it means that they bring new vigor, vitality, confidence, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and influence to their existing roles both at work and in their personal life.

By building self awareness, clients focus on the areas of life & work that require more attention and support. We work on areas like leadership development, authenticity, confidence, self esteem, self trust, performance and productivity, physical health, relationships and communication, emotional mastery, and more. By giving attention to the areas that need it, and achieving more balance and fulfillment over time, their wellbeing is nurtured and this translates into many benefits to their work and workplace culture, such as:  increased productivity, better performance, higher retention rates, increased satisfaction, more engagement, higher commitment levels, and so on.

3. What makes your service different and really stand out?

Professionally trained coaches have all learned how to coach in a similar way but we have also learned to bring our uniqueness to such an approach and that makes each one of us unique. I think the way I stand out has to do with my perspective, my experience and some of my strengths. I have a combination of hands-on business experience combined with a soulful coaching approach that honors the human being at the heart of all things. I truly ‘get’ business but I really ‘get’ people and that to improve a business, we should really be improving the people within it. We can do so by honoring who they are, the gifts they bring, cultivating talent and creativity, fostering a culture that embraces positive change, and empowers the people within it to grow and thrive personally and professionally.

4. How can your service create positive change for business clients and their employees?

Whether I work with the top executives, owners of a business or their employees – by helping people get centered in their authentic selves, nurturing and applying their strengths, developing their potential, creating new ways of thinking and being – people feel more confident, balanced, empowered and engaged – and with those personal results, positive change within the organization comes naturally and the whole company benefits.

5. Why did you agree to partner with Loszach Report?

We spend more than a third of our lives working and in truth, it’s making a lot of people sick because people aren’t happy, engaged, appreciated, motivated or fulfilled. I was approached by Loszach and learned about what they were doing – a company dedicated to the wellness of the people within organizations. I believed in their mission. It was just a natural choice for me to partner with them and support them in any way I could.

6. What advice would you give to HR people that manage wellness programs?

Interesting question for a coach, as I am trained not to dispense advice at all but help clients discover and pursue their own answers and solutions. If I was coaching an HR manager, I would trust that they already knew the best thing/s to do for their company’s wellness program and if they weren’t doing it, I would help them remove any internal blocks or limitations preventing them from creating the program they truly believe in.

Want to know more about Coaching Breakthroughs and Guy Reichard? Check out his website 



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