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Interview with Marnie Downey from ERGO Inc.

At Loszach Report, we are partnered with many fantastic companies working in the corporate wellness industry, and we want to spread the word about them!

We conduct regular interviews with the leaders of our partner companies to spread the word about the interesting services they provide, and find out what has inspired them to do what they do. We can all benefit from learning about the great services available for companies investing in corporate wellness.

This week we interviewed Marnie Downey of ERGO Inc.

  1. Can you please tell me about yourself? What inspired you to work in ergonomics? How long have you been open / working in your field?

I have been working in the field of Ergonomics since 1994. After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Kinesiology degree an opportunity was presented to me to develop an ergonomics training program for employers to learn how to prevent workplace injuries.  This course was one of the first available to employers and was very successful.  I started consulting to employers and then returned to University to earn a Masters degree in Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics.  Helping prevent injuries at work using ergonomic strategies is sometimes a challenge; however in most cases is very rewarding knowing that you have assisted someone to continue to earn a living.

2. What is it exactly that ERGO Inc. does?

ERGO Inc. works with employers to help prevent workplace injuries and the costs associated with them.  We conduct ergonomic risk assessments on jobs that pose injury risk to determine the best way to eliminate or minimize hazards, thus reducing workplace injury.  We assist employers in returning injured or disabled workers back to work by completing Physical Demands Assessments and determining job suitability.  We provide options for accommodation if jobs are deemed not suitable for a worker.

3. What makes your service different and really stand out?

ERGO Inc. provides tangible results to employers and has demonstrated exceptional client service.  We offer customized programs for specific sectors and are experts at what we do.  We work with clients to meet their needs.

4. How can your service create positive change for business clients and their employees?

ERGO Inc. reduces injuries and the cost associated with them and also improves working culture.

5. Why did you agree to partner with Loszach Report?

To promote our services and network with other professionals who work in a similar field of work.

6. What advice would you give to HR people that manage wellness programs?

Have a plan, strategy and set goals.  Determine your priority for improvement based on the type of employer you are.  Determine where you can make the largest impact for your employees and corporate needs and do this first.  Don’t assume you can do it all alone.  Ask the experts for help.

Also be sure to check out their promo video:

An international ergonomics, injury prevention & safety consulting & training firm that specializes in Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Physical Demands Assessments, Customized Ergonomic Workshops, Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Programs, Assessments for Job Accommodation for Corporate, Government, Manufacturing, Education and Healthcare sectors. Visit http://www.ergoconsulting.ca/ . You can also reach Ms. Marnie Downey through email : downey@ergoconsulting.ca



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