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5 Initiatives that Support a Healthy Workplace Culture

This is a guest post from Michelle Johnston, a founder of WorkingWell.

Your corporate culture says a lot about your company. It shows the world who you are as an organization. It is present in employee interactions, customer and shareholder experiences, and is likely perceived by the community you work within. Creating a healthy corporate culture is something you can and should actively shape, so why not create something remarkable?

5 initiatives that will steer you in the right direction:

1.    Get your CEO on-board.
Ask your CEO to support all of your wellness initiatives by communicating with staff about the importance of a healthy workplace culture. When employees see that the CEO is behind something so beneficial, they’ll be more likely to take it seriously and will jump at the chance to get involved.

2.    Encourage employees to use the stairs.
If you’re lucky enough to have multiple floors in your office, start a campaign asking employees to take the stairs. Those who have always taken the stairs will thank you. They will appreciate you encouraging others to take part in this free, beneficial activity, and they’ll love the company in the otherwise empty stairwell.

3.    Host an on-site Health Fair.
Health fairs come in all shapes and sizes and offer employees an opportunity to interact with a variety of health experts. Start small if this concept is new to your company. Schedule blood pressure and cholesterol screenings and let your employees sign-up at no charge. Staff will feel better getting personalized feedback about their state of health, along with tips and suggestions, and they’ll be less likely to be away from work to seek out the same check-ups.

4.    Offer healthy food at meetings.
Look for a healthy caterer, or ask your current vendor what healthy options they can provide. When you feed people nourishing food at work, amazingly they think more clearly, get more done, and make better decisions. They also see the effort you’re making and feel good about working for you.

5.    Identify the healthy policies you’ve already implemented and tell others about them!
If your office has policies in place that contribute to employee well-being, such as offering flex hours, or providing extended compassionate leave, make sure you communicate these programs as a part of your workplace wellness strategy. Putting your programs into the right context can help you achieve the maximum ROI.

Every action (or inaction) communicates something about your company. Take stock of all the things you do well as an organization that contribute to a healthy workplace culture. Take the time to communicate it proudly to staff, and ask employees for their partnership and input.

Creating a healthy workplace culture is worth every bit of time and every penny. It’s an incredible journey that will and you will yield tremendous rewards. Remember to come back to our blog share what you’ve been up to and how well it’s working for you!

Thanks to Michelle at WorkingWell for this great post!



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