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Interview with Baylis Medical

One of Loszach Report’s satisfied customers is Baylis Medical Company Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of high-technology medical equipment with offices in Montreal and Mississauga.

We conducted the Loszach Report for the Baylis workforce about two years ago, in the summer of 2010. Now that the Baylis team has had a chance to act on the insights that Loszach Report uncovered about their workplace, we wanted to follow up with them and hear about what they have done to improve employee wellness.

We recently spoke to Leo Pasia, the human resources manager of Baylis Medical Company Inc., to get an idea of what they’ve been up to since conducting the Loszach Report.

1)      What are the main goals of the employee wellness program at Baylis?

The main goals are to promote health and wellness and bring awareness to all employees about making better life choices, which benefits the employee and their families.

2)      What key findings emerged from the Loszach Report that guided you to make changes to the program? 

Needing more exercise and managing stress levels — we started a walking group, held free massages in December, started a garden club, created a How to Deal with Stress internal training seminar and started Townhall meetings for all so that communication would be improved

3)      Since implementing those changes, what improvements have you noticed in the workplace?

It appears that staff are communicating more, less stressed because they are more aware of the business and how it relates to their job.  We have also seen a decrease in drug usage in our benefits plan.

4)      Have you achieved a return on investment from the wellness program at Baylis?

Although we have not done formal ROI calculations, feedback garnered from our annual employee satisfaction survey has been very positive year after year.

5)      What would you say to companies that are unsure about investing in employee wellness?

It’s the smart thing to do for the health and well-being of your employees, it also can save money, specifically for lower lost time missed due to illness and lower drug plan costs.  There are also many intangible benefits including improved workplace morale, team building, etc.

6)      What would you say to companies that are unsure about the value of Loszach Report?

The Loszach report provides decision makers unbiased, fact based metrics to assess whether you want to invest in wellness as well as serves as a diagnostic tool to determine where your wellness program has succeeded and where you need to focus your attention for future planning.

Thanks again to Leo Pasia for taking part in our follow-up interview! We can see that the team at Baylis has taken the information from the Loszach Report and put it to great use by implementing a wellness program that responds to the needs of their employees.



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