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3 Health Markers that Can Predict Your Risk for Heart Disease & Arthritis

This article was written by Brad Chase and published in Hive Health Media.  Most chronic diseases that set in later in life are caused by the cumulative effects of unhealthy living over the years. The good news is that by watching what we eat, how we sleep and what we do, we can avoid diseases such … Continue reading

Managing Mental Health at Work

This article was written by Melissa Korn and published in TheWallStreetJournal.com.  John Binns, a partner in the consulting practice at U.K.-based Deloitte LLP, assumed his career “would be finished” after he took a two-month leave in 2007 to treat a severe bout of depression. When he told his bosses, they assured him that they would support … Continue reading

Are you tired all the time?

This article was written by Eleni N. Gage and published in FoxNews.com. Renewing your energy is possible, once you learn to combat common causes of fatigue. Culprit: A Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Having low levels of iron or vitamin D or B12 can make you feel tired, anxious, and weak, says Irene Park, a nurse practitioner in … Continue reading

How Insomnia Damages Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC)

This post was written by Peter Zafirides, M.D. for The Healthy Mind.  All of us know the importance of a good night’s sleep. But for too many of tonight, sleep will not come easy, nor will it be restful. And for some of this evening, sleep will not come at all. According to The National Sleep Foundation, … Continue reading

The Real Reasons You’re Tired All the Time and What To Do About It

Feeling sluggish, overwhelmed and constantly in need of a caffeine fix? Find out how to fix what’s burning you out Energy stealer: a low-grade sinus infection Sinus infections that just won’t quit are the most common chronic health problem in the U.S. — and struggling with one triples your risk of fatigue, say researchers at … Continue reading

Binge eating reduces employee productivity

It appears overeating isn’t just bad for your health—it’s also bad for your productivity. According to a U.S. study by Wellness & Prevention, Inc., published in the April issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, there is a significant association between binge eating and impairment of work productivity. The study evaluated health risk assessment (HRA) … Continue reading

Ignore This Essential Habit and Your Health Will Eventually Decline – Sleep

Researchers have learned that circadian rhythms—the 24-hour cycles known as your internal body clock—are involved in everything from sleep to weight gain, mood disorders, and a variety of diseases. Your body actually has many internal clocks—in your brain, lungs, liver, heart and even your skeletal muscles—and they all work to keep your body running smoothly … Continue reading

Job Killing You? 8 Types of Work-Related Stress

Job stress can fray nerves, keep you up at night, and contribute to health problems such as heart disease and depression. “Chronic job strain can put both your physical and emotional health at risk,” says Paul J. Rosch, MD, the president of the American Institute of Stress. Finding the source of your stress is the … Continue reading

Sugar’s Sour Story – Yes, You Can Master Those Cravings – Part 2

By Irene Ross, CHHC AADP Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach Nope, it’s not in our heads when we say, “I’m addicted to sugar”  When I first moved to New York I had a roommate who would actually keep Hershey candy bars in her purse, because she said she was addicted to sugar. At the time, I … Continue reading

Sugar’s Sour Story – Yes, You Can Master Those Cravings – Part 1

By Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach Here’s a sobering fact: According to the USDA, Americans now consume over 156 pounds of sugar per year on a per capita basis; in comparison, we eat about 8 pounds of broccoli a year. That’s 31 5-pound bags of sugar for each of us, and … Continue reading