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Give your body a boost with more steps a day

In part one of a three-part series on ‘Today,’ Rosemary Ellis of Prevention magazine looks at how walking extra steps can boost your exercise routine Looking to change your life? If so, you might be able to forget those hours in the gym or that crazy diet plan. The editors of Prevention magazine say making … Continue reading

Why Being Overweight Causes Pain: 5 Facts

This article was published in Health Central. Dr. Grant Cooper: Obesity does not directly cause osteoarthritis, but it increases the amount of stress that the weight-bearing joints must carry and contributes to joint wear and tear. Here are five facts about how obesity and arthritis are linked. 1. Walking If you are obese, your knees and … Continue reading

Obesity Now a Bigger Problem Than Cigarettes, US Adults Say

The percentage of people in the U.S. who say that obesity is an extremely serious problem for society is now higher than the percentage saying the same thing about cigarette-smoking, according to a new Gallup poll. Results from a nationally representative poll show that 81 percent of people say that obesity is an “extremely” or “very … Continue reading

44 percent of workers have gained weight on the job

It’s happened to most of us, especially desk-bound workers. We’re at work and feeling as if we’ve been snacking all day. A handful of candy here and a bag of chips there doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up, especially when it comes to the numbers on the scale. At least we’re not alone. … Continue reading

Weight loss study: Fads not as helpful as exercising, eating less

Eating less, exercising more and avoiding fat were tried-and-true methods that helped obese people lose at least 5% of their body weight, according to a new study. Nearly two-thirds of Americans who are obese try to lose weight, and about 40% of them actually succeed. How did they do it? The old-school way: By eating less, … Continue reading

National Public Health Week 2012: Toward a Healthier Nation

This year’s theme for National Public Health Week (April 2-8), A Healthier America Begins Today: Join the Movement, focuses attention on five key issues for public health: 1) active living and healthy eating; 2) alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; 3) communicable diseases; 4) reproductive and sexual health; and 5) mental and emotional well-being. Each day … Continue reading

Obese people have more joint pains and heart conditions

A new government survey helps quantify what doctors and public health officials have long known: Obese adults are significantly more likely to report having joint pain, heart conditions, high cholesterol and diabetes than people at a healthy weight. In fact, 58% of adults who are obese (roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight) … Continue reading