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Influence Your Company Culture (For the Better)

This article was written by Curt Richardson and published in Inc.com.  Benefits, perks and compensation may paint a rosy picture for recruitment, but it’s these intangible elements that make for a happy and healthy company culture. Just like you can’t buy a child’s love, you can’t buy your company a great culture. While benefits, perks and compensation … Continue reading

3 Ways To Kill Your Company’s Idea-Stifling Shame Culture

This article by Brené Brown originally appeared in Fast Company. Proposing ideas makes people feel vulnerable–so it’s in innovation’s interest to create a culture that’s secure. In 2010 I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend with fifty CEOs from Silicon Valley. One of the other speakers at the retreat was Kevin Surace, the … Continue reading

Three Ways to Craft Your Culture

There’s an old joke about a CEO who attended a presentation on corporate culture and then asked his head of HR to “get me one of those things.” Of course it sounds ludicrous — but like most jokes, this story is based in truth. Many organizations treat the creation, maintenance, and periodic updating of their cultures in … Continue reading

Low-Cost Ways To Show Employees They’re Highly Valued

Small businesses can compete for talent without breaking the bank. Yes, you still need to pay competitive wages to get people in the door, but it’s the perks that will help you retain them. Here are 30 low-cost ideas for small businesses who want to show employees that they are highly valued. 1. Flex time.  … Continue reading

Great Company Culture Isn’t Pricey

Even the tightest budget allows for an investment in culture. 1. Create a culture of the people, for the people, by the people It’s very important that company leadership doesn’t just decide strategic plans and let them rain down from on high. It costs $0 to ask your employees what kind of programs and work … Continue reading

Why Your Team Doesn’t Care: The 4 Ways You’re Crushing Your Culture

Are your team members highly accountable? Do they have a “Thank God It’s Monday” attitude? Do they take tons of initiative? If not, you’ve likely got Crushed Culture. It’s a disease. And it’s going to become an epidemic if we don’t do something about it. According to the recent Gallup poll on employee engagement: “Seventy-one percent of … Continue reading

Culture Isn’t Costly

Successful company culture can make the difference between a workplace people dread and one they brag about. You don’t have to have a Google-sized budget to offer great culture. Many culture-changing initiatives have no direct costs to the company. In fact, when properly executed, culture-improving initiatives can lower company costs in both the short and … Continue reading